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Head of UX



The recommendation cards are designed to help the users to know what the best performing assets are and have an overview of what people are saying about those assets in one place.
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It's for who

We have three types of users, and this case study addresses the needs of all three.
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A person who is not categoized as expert in the investment world
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An experienced investor who is interestead in summerized info about the assets
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An expert investor who is here to evaluate the information.

Current Situation

Here's a summary of analytics and user testing results, as well as observations of people interested in investments but lacking stock market knowledge, and those who would like to receive analyzed information on the current homefeed.

Research summary

The posts were clicked by less than 5 percent of users, and almost no one posted.

Based on our data analysis and user testing, we found that the home feed content doesn't have the expected interaction. In spite of this, the users on our user testing found both, the concept and content attractive and useful, however, observing their actual behavior and the data, we found that there is very little engagement with the home feed.

Minimum posts
Minimum interaction

Affinity diagram - Social section

Affinity diagram


Affinity diagram

Current Problems

Based on the observations and experiments we consolidated the current problems, into three main points.
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An unorganized collection of information
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Lack of guidance
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Lack of incentives

Proposed Solutions

In response to the above problems, our proposed solutions were
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Categorize the user-generated posts
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Add Onboarding and in app guidance
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Ideate on creating incentives

Ideation process

Shaping the idea

User Journeyg

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Approved ideas

The Needed data is consolidated on one screen for easy access:

We provide an array of services to meet the user's needs during this journey. To make these services more accessible, we put them on one screen.
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Presented the high performing assets in a categorized format:

Having considered both the needs for asset research as well as reading people's opinions, we came up with the idea of creating cards on the homepage to highlight the best performing assets
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Flow and Structure

Asset's page flow

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Recommendation cards on the homefeed

Recommendation cards on the homefeed, contain the main information about the assets, including:

  • The logo, ticker, and name of the asset.
  • A sentence explaining why it is featured.
  • Performance of the asset, Front score(to promote the concept of front score), and ESG(to emphasize the fact that some parameters affect the performance and risk of the asset).
  • Social aspects: Votes and posts.
  • A call to action for the user to see more comments.
  • A manageability affordance. By doing so, the user will be able to hide assets they don't want to see, share them, or add them to their watchlist.

Card detail page:

In the screenshot, you can see the notes indicating the sections' navigation direction and detonation

Summary of the task


Add the stock to your watchlist
Share the card
Hide the asset


View the asset details


View card details

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We monitored the data for two weeks and found that the average time spent on the app has gone from 2 minutes to 4 - 5 minutes since the cards have been deployed.

User testing

Research Intention

  • To understand users’ attitudes and opinions about the new feature: Recommendation Cards on the home feed

  • To get an idea of how easily users can find and make use of this new feature

  • To discover and understand any issues with the home feed and its features


  • Gen Z

  • Millennials

  • Gen X

Operation System:

iOS and Android

Number of Participants:

12 total participants. 6 iOS and 6 Android

User Testing Result